My 25th Birthday

We were sitting on the back porch of my parents house tonight, my mom and dad on either of the big wicker chairs, me in the middle on the sofa. The sun had dipped just low enough behind the skyline that the light cast an inky blue shade across the yard. Birds chirped from the trees above and the familiar frogs croak chorused lightly from behind the bushes. The plum trees had begun to bloom and their beautiful pink flowers dotted the lawn. The neighbors played some soft music a couple doors down, the lights from their property glowing yellow in the distance. It had been a warm, sunny day, and the chill hadn’t settled in for the night just yet, leaving the air balmly and comfortable.

We had just returned from dinner, Chardonnay accompanied a sushi feast; shrimp and vegetable tempura, spicy avo and crab handrolls, and enough raw sushi to feed a family of 6, let alone the 3 of us. We finished our meal with fried cheesecake and a bite of chocolate tart. It was divine.

As we sipped our decaf coffees together on that porch, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for the past. It was days like these that made me homesick – summer days, filled with friends and family and laughter – days of innocence, not in what we did, but how we felt. Young. Light. And for a moment, I was transported back to a time when things were simple again. I smiled.


This past week I turned 25. Someone once told me “you’re only as old as you feel.” Well, I feel damn old. I know enough to know 25 is still young – but my soul feels 45. Although I’m not ready for the next 10 years to come as quickly as the last did, I know time will only continue to pass me by. I suppose this is where I should interject some words of wisdom or tips I’ve gathered during my 25 years, but the truth is, I’m still learning. If the next 25 years are even half as entertaining as the first have been, I know I’m in for a wild ride.

I’m so blessed with the amazing friends I have both in LA and my hometown. Last weekend my SoCal family took me out to dinner – a birthday ritual I tend to shy away from. They would not allow it. One year ago I barely knew most of these people; how glad I am to have met them. In what seems like the first time in years, I actually feel somewhat normal with them; they’ve helped make LA home. 

On my actual birthday, I went on a long run by the beach with a girlfriend. With my feet pounding the pavement and the wind whipping through my hair, I gazed out at the ocean, seemingly endless, the sun glistening off its choppy waves, and felt a freedom you only get by recognizing how small you truly are. In that moment I wished for someone near and dear to my heart to be able to make that run with me one day. To feel that same freedom I feel when I look out at the ocean.

The following weekend I flew up to Northern California to visit my old high school friends. Though many have moved on over the years, a few I stay in close touch with have remained in the area. And as it is, my oldest and dearest friend has a birthday the day after mine, so joint parties have always been a thing.

On Friday we took our best friends out to a local bar and danced the night away. Saturday I spent relaxing – a massage, a bubble bath, and a sandwich from my favorite Italian deli. I finished the day at home watching House of Cards with my parents.

On Sunday, my friend coordinated for us to go wine tasting for her birthday. I had never been, and was admittedly apprehensive about the experience. We took a limo for the 30-something minute drive – the birthday girl and her boyfriend, myself, 3 other friends, her mom and her friends. 

We stopped at 3 different wineries, tasting about 6 wines at each. A couple white, mostly red, all exquisite. We noshed on cheese and crackers, and bought a bottle of our favorite Zinfandel. Each winery was a few miles apart in Lodi, a small town outside of Sacramento. It was a gorgeous day; the sun beat down on us enough that I even got a bit of a tan.

The whole experience was amazing. It was, as my mom would call it, a perfect day. I went home that afternoon, and that’s where my story comes full circle. I ended the weekend on that porch with my parents, sad to be leaving in 12 hours, but happy I came. Although LA is home now, this place with them will always be special. I’ll always miss the sunsets and the croaking frogs and my loved ones. But I’ll always have those summer days. Here’s to the next 25!

Happy New Year 2015!

Another year has come and gone. In 2014 I moved into my own place, continued working in an industry I love, made a lot of new friends, and closed out the year with my family.

Christmas was quiet – I took a week+ to head home and stay with my parents for the holiday. My dad left on the 24th to visit those that couldn’t make it this year, so we celebrated early with him, opening presents and having a nice dinner at home – just the 3 of us. On Christmas Day, my mom and I had some local family come over and enjoyed some champagne and snacks. The weather was cold but nice – we sat outside sunning ourselves all day.

The best gift I received this year was a beautiful, dainty gold necklace with a diamond on it – it belonged to my mother for many years. It has sentimental value and is also a piece of jewelry I would have purchased on my own. Thanks, Mom!

In 2015 I hope to accomplish many of the goals I put on the back burner in 2014 – mostly career related. And I turn a quarter of a century old this year (25, for those as bad at math as I am) – time is just flying by. I remember celebrating 2000 (I was turning 10 that year, if you’re still struggling with the numbers)! In many ways, life is unfolding just as I planned. In other ways it’s thrown me for a loop. In any case – I’m going to enjoy 2015, and I hope you do too!

Happy New Year! Lots of love.










Home for the Holidays

I’m just getting back to LA after a long week visiting my parents. It’s always more exhausting than rejuvenating, but I spent a significant amount of time just relaxing (and binge watching Netflix). After having 80 degree weather in LA for as long as I can remember, it was a nice change to feel a real fall season (I know my east coast friends are laughing at me), and to be able to see the last of the leaves changing on the trees.

I hadn’t been back home since early summer so it was great seeing my mom and dad. They cooked and cleaned while I slept in and spent each morning in the bath – it was amazing. We had some family over and caught up – we’re a small, tight knit group, so there’s nothing better than when we all get together (unintentional poet).

I also had the chance to visit with all of my best friends still living up there – including a couple I hadn’t seen since I moved over 3 years ago. There’s something about the people who knew you way back when. I drank too much and stayed out too late but I think it was just what I needed.

I’ll be back at work for the next few weeks before I make another trip up there for Christmas. I’m looking forward to finishing the year out strong – and I kind of miss southern CA already.

Hope you all have a fantastic holiday season!

Ready for Fall

Shorter days, cooler weather – fall is on its way. I can’t say I’m sad to see summer go. Although it’s been over a year since I graduated college, fall still reminds me of back to school, and all the fresh starts and new beginnings the semester brings. There’s something in the air during the autumn months that takes you back to a time of simplicity. The past now gone, I only hope I can inject the coming days with a few nostalgic activities (ie: bonfires, the pumpkin patch, football games).

Fall also means getting back to work and down to business; refocusing your goals and your hopes for the end of the year. That’s not to say it’s all work and no play – we have both Halloween and Thanksgiving to look forward to. One of my other favorite parts of fall is checking out all the new shows on TV, and catching up on the new seasons of my old favorites (hello, Homeland).

Technically, fall doesn’t start until September 23rd. In what feels like a final hurrah, I’m trying to fit as much more summer as possible in the next few weeks – I’m talking short shorts, sangria, and sunshine. This weekend I visited a good friends new apartment by the beach – check out the photo from her balcony. She has a gorgeous place in a high rise near Venice beach, so naturally I spent the afternoon, evening, and morning pretending it was my home too.


Even though I got a bit of traveling in over the summer, it was a much needed breath of fresh air from the city. She might only live 10 miles from me, but I felt like I was on vacation. We sipped cocktails, went out to a beach bar, and enjoyed fresh coffee and breakfast sandwiches overlooking the ocean in the morning. Heaven. And just what I needed (I’ll be back next weekend).


My personal goals for fall include recommitting to my health and fitness, as well as working as much as possible so I can save up some extra money by Christmas (which is less than 4 months away, btw). What are your plans for the coming months? I hope everyone has both a fun and productive September!

Endless Summer

This week has seen some gorgy sunsets in LA..

No filter. Amazing right?

I rushed to the beach after a whirlwind day of work – I was asked to cover the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premiere.


I had the opportunity to speak with a few of the cast/crew members, including the always beautiful Megan Fox (who was really cool, btw).

I was able to make it to the beach just as the sun was going down.

Summer Travels – East Coast Tour of 2014

It seems as if I’m averaging one post a season and that is simply not acceptable. Summer has arrived, and for the first time in the year since I’ve graduated college, I took an extended vacation to someplace other than my parents house.

This past week I flew out of LA and through 6 major cities across the United States. It was exhausting. And exhilarating. And I’m extremely happy to be back in California. But I’ve always enjoyed traveling – it’s the actual getting there that I don’t particularly care for (you know, TRAVEL).

The disappointing thing about travel these days is that you almost always run into some sort of problem – I know, I’m supposed to “enjoy the journey.” I left LA for DC on a Tuesday afternoon, with a connecting flight in Chicago. In what seemed like deja vu (this may have happened to me once or twice before), my flight out of Chicago was cancelled and I found myself wandering the airport after hours. Ours was the last flight out going anywhere within a 200 mile radius of Washington, so I just had to wait it out. I thought about doing an “All By Myself” cover – kinda like this guy, who I had the pleasure of meeting via telephone – but my parents advised me against it.

<p><a href=”″>All by myself</a> from <a href=”″>Richard Dunn</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I found myself in a inexpensive motel on the south side of Chicago – maybe not the ideal place to be for a female traveling solo late at night. Even though I settled in around 10:30pm (Chicago time – 8:30 LA time), I had to be up at 5 to make my morning connection – the whole situation left me nervous and anxious to get to my final destination.

I slept about an hour that night, tossing and turning and texting my friends back in California. Just before my alarm was set to go off, I got up and headed downstairs. Luckily I picked a hotel with a few perks – there was free wifi (what I live for) as well as breakfast (a cold sandwich from Dunkin Donuts and a chocolate sprinkles donut, plus coffee), and a courtesy shuttle to and from the airport.

I got through security with time to spare, so I watched the planes take off through the clouds and the early morning sun. With more time I think I would have liked to explore Chicago – it looked like a beautiful city. Older homes with big front porches lined the streets, and the Great Lake stretches so far it looks like an ocean.

I finally got in to DC that afternoon, exhausted, but used what little adrenaline and energy I had left to visit family and walk around a bit. At 5pm I found myself caught in a torrential downpour – it went from 90 degrees and sunny to holy humidity coupled with lightening and thunder in a few minutes. A quick call to friends in LA and I discovered the weather there: 80 degrees and clear, sunny skies. Ah, the spoiled life we Californians live. Though, I do enjoy some of the unexpected east coast weather from time to time – it reminds me of being on the islands, which is my paradise. It does make for occasionally unfortunate travel conditions, though.
I never expected to visit Ohio in my lifetime. I had no reason to. But when my best friend from Los Angeles decided it was time to turn in her press badge and return to her small town outside of Columbus, I thought it a possibility. When I heard she was getting married, I made it a priority.

Ohio really is beautiful. She comes from a place about an hour from the city, and it looks exactly as you would expect it to – wide open corn fields, old brick buildings – it’s country. There are places I’ve lived and spent time in Northern California that are old, rustic, and full of mountain folk – but nothing prepared me for this.

She took me to meet her family – it’s one of those divorced and remarried plus in laws type of family that basically comprises of the whole town. Everyone knows everyone. Her mom is this adorable blonde with a bit of an accent (they all have one, and it’s incredibly charming). Ashley and her mother are practically twins, save for the fact that Ashley was born with a beautiful brunette head of hair. They look alike, worship Jesus, and love their family more than anything. I took an instant liking to them both.

I had met her now-husband Crosby when he was her ex-husband a few years ago, but didn’t get to spend any time with him – this visit was a little bit better. I stayed at their home for two days and we got to chat a little. He is very different from Ashley in many ways, but it’s obvious how deep their love is for one another. He has a darker sense of humor and is unlike most of the guys I hang out with in LA (meaning: Crosby is a real man’s man). He likes shootin’ and ridin’ his motorcycle, has a beard and lives on a large property with his whole family – Ashley, Crosby and his brother in one house, the parents in another, and extended family in yet another.



The rest of the family was just as fantastic, same for the friends. They all came together in what was one of the most beautiful events I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. A couple of Ashley’s friends and I helped the couple set up at this cute little park in town, right across from where they went to high school. Though not part of the original plan, the general theme became “vintage,” as Ashley has always felt she belonged in the 1940’s. The wooden tables were covered with burlap and mason jars, white ruffled umbrellas were hung from the trees, and fireflys (or “lightening bugs”) lit up the grounds as it turned to dusk. It was a beautiful sight. Ashley wore a floor length pale pink gown with ruffles, while Crosby paired fitted khakis with a button up and suspenders. Their rings are incredible as well – Ashley’s is a pink oval stone with smaller stones surrounding, on a rose gold band, while Crosby’s is a thick platinum band with a bullet molded into the top. They are truly unique, and really showcase the couple’s personality’s.

Because Ashley and Crosby had been married once before, they felt it important to make this day special – in the sense that it was about their love and devotion to each other this time around, rather than a big event to commemorate. So instead of going the traditional route, the couple eloped – a month before the wedding. They told everyone it was a surprise party for Crosby’s birthday (which is later this week) and only a select few that needed to be in on the secret were aware of the night’s true nature.

At 7:30 all of the guests gathered around the stage where the DJ was set up to watch a special video that Ashley and Crosby made themselves (See below). It was a beautiful testament to their love – and an explanation of why things would be different this time around. When the video ended the happy couple emerged from behind the building as the crowd wiped their tears away.

I left Ohio feeling really thankful I came – and a little more country than I was prior. I’m always apprehensive going into new situations, especially ones that requiring multiple days of socializing – but this portion of my trip was just perfect. We ate good (as in the fattiest food I’ve ever consumed), drove the back roads (or the main roads, they both look the same here) with the windows down and the music blasting, and I got to share a very special day with one of my very best friends.
Saturday evening I landed at La Guardia in New York (fly in here if you get a chance – we went right over the city); my cousin picking me up and whisking me away to her home just north of the city. She lives at an amazing property situated on 3 acres, hidden behind trees in the lush countryside – you’d have no idea the concrete jungle was just 30 minutes down the highway. I’m kicking myself for not taking any photos. It’s a large, multiple story home that was converted from a barn back in the 60’s. When entering in the side door you walk through the hall of what was once horse stables. I think the room I slept in used to be a loft of sorts. Out back there’s a large deck with steps walking down to a grassy field below, complete with a pool, swing, and trampoline – My cousin is now the stepmother of her husband’s two extremely attractive young children and the house is done up to accommodate the whole family.

On Sunday I played tourist – I’d been to New York once before when I was significantly younger and didn’t remember any of it. While I have a few friends scattered about the city, I wasn’t able to connect with any on this particular trip (it was just too quick!). After touring 30 Rock with my cousin (SNL, The Tonight Show), I visited Times Square, Central Park, 5th Avenue, the World Trade Center and 911 Memorial, the Empire State Building and Herald Square, before finally winding up back in Rockefeller Plaza for a drink. It was a long, tiring, but thoroughly enjoyable day. I had some delicious bites throughout the city and navigated my way through the New York City subway system (way more confusing than any other I’ve used).

Monday was an early morning – my cousin had a spot on the morning show so we had a car come pick us up around 6:30am to head into the city. It was very exciting for me – I live and breathe news, and grew up watching The Today Show. I was able to visit the set and see each and every anchor and correspondent up close and personal. The energy in a newsroom, on set, especially in a live studio, is unlike anything else. Electric. For a split second I wished I lived right there in Manhattan.

I made one more stop before I flew out, dropping in unannounced at my companies east coast bureau – headquarters. After a year of working there I still hadn’t met my EP’s, so I finally put faces to many of the voices I had spoken to over the phone. I also suggested I return for a week or two to work in their office.

But alas – I’m not sure that NYC life is for me. It’s breathtaking and majestic. It certainly has an energy about it that you don’t find on the west coast. But as I climbed into my Uber and made the ride through Lincoln Tunnel and into NJ over to Newark, I breathed a sigh of relief. Suburbia.

24 Hours, 3 Coachella Parties: My (late) Recap

Coachella! Weekend 1 is officially over and I came back from the desert covered in sand (my car too) and champagne. While I was hesitant to go initially, it ended up being a great time.

My first year in LA I found out how popular Coachella is with the locals – it’s a must do event. So I bought a wristband at the last minute and was pumped to experience it for my first time. Unfortunately, a personal problem came up and I sold my last minute wristband to a last minute buyer, missing out on what looked like an amazing weekend – I sat on my bedroom floor eating pizza while my friends posted their party pics to Facebook (this was before Instagram really got going). Suffice to say I’ve always regretted my decision.

As the years went by I’ve become less interested in subjecting myself to extreme weather and huge crowds, so I didn’t think I would ever find myself at the festival, but when a few freelance jobs came my way I accepted – and threw myself into the chaos – 24 hours, 3 parties, and 2 outfit changes. It was exhausting (hence the reason this post is coming Tuesday rather than Monday), and I’m really amazed at the commitment of the people who stay all weekend.

I took my roommate as my plus 1 and Saturday morning we headed into the desert. She has a friend in Palm Springs (about 30 minutes from all the action) so we made our home base there as a place for safe and quiet refuge. After changing into our #OOTD (outfits of the day) – her in a floral skirt, me in a pair of floral shorts, and our respective crop tops and sandals – we headed out to the first party.


Top from Angl, shorts from Nordstrom, headband from Urban Outfitters, shoes are Koalaburra.

We stopped by the Ingleside Inn for their 3-day music lounge event that included a gifting suite, pool, makeovers, a candy bar, and more. I picked up a beautiful pair of Rose pink sandals that were perfect for Coachella (see pic above – I wore them all day), before we left for our next stop.

The daytime event took us to a private estate a few miles from the festival for Lacoste’s annual pool party. A hot invite for celebs and wannabe celebs alike, this one was done really well. The sprawling grounds featured a bounce house, putting green, a pool, DJ, 2 food trucks, several open bars sponsored by Patron (they even had Patron Popsicles) and Moët, a shoe decorating station, and more. I left with (2!) new (fake) tattoos, and a slight buzz. I didn’t get a chance try any of the delicious looking Mexican food I saw guests chowing down on, but sometime during the party I did enjoy a remarkable ice cream sandwich. Party attendees included Katy Perry, Kesha, and Lana Del Rey, among others. Fashion seemed to be all over the place – guys opted for the swim trunks and tank top combo, while girls were decked out in a variety of styles. Prints (especially floral, obvi) seemed to be a big hit, and most people kept their clothes on – few wore their swimsuits around the property (and most who did were in the pool). The only negative were the lines – they were absolutely atrocious. The bathroom, the food trucks; future attendees, get there early! It seemed like several of the celebrities took off about halfway through the day.

After Lacoste we took our Uber back to the house and relaxed for a couple hours to recover for the evening shift. We changed into our next look – both jean shorts, crop tops, and leather jackets – before heading out to the main event, Neon Carnival.


Shorts are BDG, top is from a shop on Melrose, jacket and booties are Express.

Neon Carnival is where the who’s who of Coachella comes to indulge in some evening debauchery. Besides that it is an open air venue (held in an airport hangar), and it boasts several real carnival rides, NC felt like a (really fun) club. With carnival games, free food catered by STK, an open bar, and a massive dance floor, there was plenty to do and lots of people to see.

By the end of the night most people had gravitated to the dance floor and were getting down to DJ Politik. It was fairly cold at night so many guests had changed from their skimpy daytime attire to something more comfortable. I didn’t have any of the cocktails, but enjoyed a couple of pulled pork sandwiches (amazing) and spent a good amount of time people watching – the crowd was fantastic. Attendees included Steven Tyler, P Diddy (Puff Daddy?), and Jared Leto, among others. Everyone let loose and seemed to have a really good time.

By the end of the night I was ready to crash. I don’t know that I would come out to Coachella on my own, but for what it was, it was pretty amazing. Maybe one year I’ll actually go to the festival… Or maybe not :)

RIP MH370 and a Theory From a Real Pilot

This morning authorities announced that the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was coming to an end – they determined the plane went down somewhere in the Southern Indian Ocean and that everyone on board perished.

Though heartbreaking, the news does not come as a shock. Last week I wrote a post with my beliefs that unfortunately, the plane probably crashed into the ocean, sinking before the rest of the world even knew what happened.

That said, I spoke to one of my pilot friends who had something very interesting to say (this was before today’s announcement):
“since radio comm remained after the transponder was shut off that means the electrical system remained on which means the transponder was manually switched from alt to off, while the pilot kept the alternator on, which means that it probably wasn’t a fire, i think it was done intentionally and that the pilot that had the simulator (no pilot buys his own simulator when you can go to the flight school and use it for free) clearly was practicing landing the plane somewhere really hard (like a grass field landing or somewhere really remote and hard to land in) but then again i love conspiracy theories when really it could be as simple as a pilot mistake followed by a crash landing in the ocean

the gps stayed on only because you can’t manually turn it off, but then again if the gps remained on malaysia airline would know the exact location of thep lane…. which they don’t which makes absolutely no sense…i think they are obviously keeping details from the public

if the plane crashed on land it would have already been stpotted because of its huge carbon footprint which means, they either planned it out or all these coincidences and freak accidents happened in a row while the plane crashed in the middle of the ocean completely off the course of it’s route…again another freak incident

its just weird that the transponder (which tells the plane location to air traffic contorl_) was turned off before the rest of the electrical system

cuz in my plane that would be i manually switched it off so that air traffic control wouldn’t see my location”
People will say “we may never know what happened,” and that’s true. But I think at this point we should let those affected by this tragedy have their peace – at least I hope it brings them some closure. That said, I am now officially terrified to fly – is it just me, or have a lot of strange a airplane incidents been occurring recently?

What are your thoughts?

LOST: Malaysia Airlines Edition

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has been missing for over a week now and everyone is still wondering, what happened? The consensus seems to think the plane was hijacked – but the pieces still aren’t coming together (or, the facts aren’t being given to the public, but I’m not a conspiracy theorist).

Anything I say at this point would obviously be pure speculation, much like everyone else putting in their two cents about where the plane may have gone. I think reports were right in the beginning – the plane most likely went down somewhere over the ocean and sunk before we had the chance to find it. I’m not an expert but I think that sounds like the most plausible explanation. In this day and age, how is it even possible to hide a plane of that size, with that number of passengers? When you simply look at the facts at hand, it makes no sense.

Perhaps one of the Middle Eastern countries who are so fond of us are lying about not knowing the planes whereabouts – but that doesn’t make sense either. If WE (Americans) were the target, why hijack a plane with a huge majority of Malaysian people on it?

This story is incredibly frustrating. Of course, it is heartbreakingly devastating, especially to the family and friends of these passengers and crew members – and obviously in 2014 we expect things like this not to occur, but it seems like we continue to hear terrifying tales of public transportation (planes crashing, cruise ships breaking down). This incident is particularly frightening though, as the entire world seems to be in the dark about what happened.

We’re all waiting on the edge of our seats for the truth to come out. Until then we’re left speculating whether it was aliens or terrorists or simply a faulty Boeing. My sincerest condolences to everyone involved – I wish I could do more.

24 Things I’ve Learned in 24 Years

I’m not big on birthdays – I think the only one I was truly excited for was my 18th because I could finally buy tobacco (and I’m not a cigarette smoker). Most years I try to keep it fairly low key.


Wednesday was the actual day, so I had work – my best friend sent me an edible arrangement and balloons, while my colleagues pitched in an ice cream cake. That evening it was champagne and clubbing with the girls.


The next night we basically did it all over again, as it was a good friends going away party (or round 2 of my birthday). For the first time in what felt like forever, I had a really good time going out.


Over the weekend I had to recover (I’m old now), so I spent it inhaling take out and binge-watching Netflix.

It’s been one hell of a year – but that’s for another blog post. For today, I’m going to outline some of the most precious bits of information and wisdom (in my opinion) I’ve gathered over my 24 years on this Earth.

1. You have to love yourself – because you’ll be spending a whole lot of time with you.

2. Being in love and in a committed partnership is the greatest gift – when it’s going well.

3. Sometimes you have to give up on someone not because you don’t care, but because they don’t.

4. Family first. Always.

5. Work to make a living but don’t make work your life.

6. Unless you love it – and you should. Remember what you wanted to be when you were little? Be that.

7. But don’t sacrifice love, family, and friendship for work. At the end of the day, those people are what life is all about.

8. Have fun. Go out. Explore. Try new things. YOLO

9. But create goals and work hard to meet them. Seeing change and progress is immensely satisfying.

10. There’s no such thing as failure – but there is such a thing as giving up. When things get hard, keep going.

11. Sometimes you’ll realize the course you set out on is all wrong – it’s okay to change it (and you should).

12. Sometimes you’ll realize the person you set out WITH is all wrong.. It’s okay to let them go.

13. Sometimes they’ll let you go and it will hurt like nobodies business.

14. Time heals everything.

15. Be grateful for what you have before it’s gone.

16. But you don’t know what you’re missing until you find it.. Go find it.

17. Leave your hometown, at least for a little while.

18. Leave your relationship, at least for a little while.

19. Change gives you perspective into who you are and what you want. Don’t waste that precious time.

20. Find a balance. I’m still working on this everyday.

21. Take care of yourself and your health, you’ll never regret it when you’re older (but don’t be so rigid that you’ll turn down a fun invitation or delicious meal because it’s not “cheat day”).

22. Read. A lot. I love nonfiction but can sometimes get sucked into a soul-wrenching fiction book (the same goes for great TV/film).

23. Make your own something. Whether it’s a business or a passion project or a hobby or a nonprofit – add something to this world. It fulfills you and helps others.

24. Embrace getting older because you’re that much further away from the ridiculous teenager you used to be.


What do you think? Agree/disagree? Have some words of wisdom of your own? Let’s start a dialogue..